I uses Mayones Guitars and I am a proud Mayones artist.

Mayones are a guitar and bass manufacturer based out of Gdansk, Poland and make some of the most incredible instruments you will ever see. Their guitars are the best built and playing instruments you will ever come across.

These are the Mayones guitars I use, namely the Setius Pro 6, Duvell Elite 7 and Regius 6.



I am a D'Addario strings artist. Their NYXL strings are the best guitar strings I have used and really bring out the best in terms of feel, playability and endurance.



I am a Jim Dunlop artist and use their Flow Picks. The new Dunlop Flows provide the best in terms of a new, Jazz III style shape but the feel and durability of their Ultex material. These picks are my new go-to.


Studio Gear

I am a Focusrite artist and use their Scarlett range of interfaces.

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Watch this video to find out more about my studio setup: